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Inlets contains a series of piano-based improvisations exploring the territory between classical and experimental music.

From the Artist

This album began as a collection of piano-based improvisations which were then developed through a series of exotic textures, including orchestral string sounds. The more unusual instrumentation includes a vacuum cleaner (bus lane in fog), a bee (bee narratives) and fireworks (sky touch blue). The twin influences of water and insects were also very important in helping shape the album.

Inlets was recorded during the months of August/September /November. This has led (to my mind) to the music having an autumnal 'feel', evoking aspects of English weather: a celebration of grey skies, rain, misty mornings and dark, evening journeys home (there's also some sunshine and bracing winds). It dwells on small things: small life, small moments, fleeting moods, in a collection of miniatures.

Inlets is something of a hybrid and seems to lie between the territories of experimental and classical music. If you like either, you may wish to give it a listen.

It's not ambient music but you could leave a window open when playing ;-)


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